(NL) Boudoir Bizarre XXIV

Party date: 

Saturday, 8 July, 2017 - 22:00

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Check out the last Genuine Old School Fetish Party in the Netherlands. For Fetishists, Rubberists, Pervs, Goths, Cybers, Burlesques, Plastiques, Ho's He's, Bi's, T's, TV's, Kinksters and Party Peeps. Come dressed in your Best and Dance, Play, make new friends and spank em...!!!

Don't miss it...!!!

Rubber, Leather, PVC, Naughty Burlesque, Fetish TV,
Erotic Gothic, Fantastic Plastic, Fetish Glam,
Uniform, BDSM Playgear.

What not to wear:
Absolutely no Jeans- Gym- Casual-wear, whites,
sneakers,or just plain nude.

In case of Doubt:
The DoorBitches decide. No refunds if you fuck up the dresscode!
Dressingroom, lockers, extra wardrobe for bags only.
Space is limited, so leave stuff you really don't need at home.

Absolute NO NO's:
Taking pictures, rude behavior,
groping and wanking on other people's play.
When caught breaking any of these rules
you will be thrown out...! No joke.

Absolute, Extreme, Utter, Total,
No BS you will be removed NO NO:



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